Juvenis Care Services

We are a leading independent Residential Childcare provider; housing and caring for looked after children equipping them for the future.

Our services are designed to make positive and lasting difference in young people's lives by providing a consistent and caring environment in which they feel safe and secure.

Our objective is that their experience with Juvenis Care Services will enable children and young people to develop the skills and confidence necessary to help them fulfil their full potential as well as empowering them to express their cultural, ethnic, religious, sexual or social diversity.

Our Values

  • A firm commitment to caring and belief that this is an effective way of caring for children and young people who cannot be looked after by their families.

  • To respect and promote diversity in every area of our work. This includes recruitment and selection of Care workers and in the placement of children, recruitment and selection of staff in all aspects of our practise. Diversity includes recognising and valuing the importance of difference as a result of ethnicity, culture and background, religion and language, gender sexual orientation, disability and other social divisions such as social class, employment, marital status and one parenthood.

  • Commitment to Children’s Rights. Juvenis Care embraces the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child (1991). This will be reflected in our work, which will employ child centred methodologies in selection. Recruitment and training is upheld for our staff, to ensure that children achieve happiness and fulfilment in their placements.

  • A commitment to the retention (through good remuneration, training and support and embracing diversity) in order to ensure that the experience and expertise they offer are valued by being RCW for Juvenis Care, readily available to the young people.

  • The importance of listening to children and ensuring that their views are heard and acted upon wherever possible.

Our Vision

  • Making a positive and lasting difference in young people’s lives by fulfilling the Every Children Matters agenda.

  • To ensure continuity and stability in our placements.

  • To provide culturally appropriate placements for all the young people in our care.

  • To provide a variety of services to Local Authorities e.g. Short term, Long term, Emergency, Therapeutic and other specialized care for children and young people in our placement.

  • To ensure and excel in achieving the Safety and Welfare of children and young people in our care.

  • To develop excellence in the practice of providing good staff for young people.

  • To have a staff team that fully reflects our mission, values and vision.