Our Services

Our care services accommodates young people male/female 9-18 emotional behaviour disorder, challenging behaviour, Autism / ADHD / Asperger’s Syndrome, mild to moderate learning disability and complex health needs.

Rivers Assist Therapeutic Services

From early childhood to adolescence there are times when help is needed to address problems and issues that may be having an impact on an individual's everyday life. Not being able to address these issues can be devastating and potentially can continue through to adulthood.

Early therapeutic interventions for young people can have a positive impact on their lives and empower them to make the necessary changes that they need to improve their lives.

JCS have access to expert therapeutic services for children and young people through our partnership with Rivers Assist Therapeutic Services whom are a psychological well-being provider based in Birmingham. Rivers Assist offer a wide range of therapeutic interventions for looked after children who are experiencing emotional or behavioural challenges in their current living environment.

We recognise that every young person has differing life experiences and therefore offering a tailor-made service offers individualised interventions that incorporate a holistic approach to improve the emotional wellbeing of the young person.

The services which will be available to JCS include; Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy, Life Coaching and Mentoring.

Rivers Assist therapists will focus on the behaviours, attitudes and actions that are putting the young persons living situation at risk and to assist them to gain the coping skills necessary to handle life’s challenges as well as helping them to become successful in achieving their personal goals.